Making Room for Tea

Once Upon an Afternoon

Not sure about you guys but working from home can make the work-life balance a bit difficult. 有時我想全日喝茶和看電影,因為我要做工作,所以我會首先將工作做完。然而當我休息時,感到枱是很零亂。This makes things a little cumbersome since I have to move stuff around.

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3 perspectives on the amount of tea for a Gaiwan

Can you guess the tea?

I think it’s important to preface that this isn’t talking about 功夫茶/工夫茶 specifically since after all, there are many different ways of brewing tea with the gaiwan whether they’ve been documented in museums or elsewhere。Rather, this piece is focusing on three different viewpoints on the amount of tea per 100g of water you should use for this particular brewing vessel. These perspectives come from tea veterans/teaheads/tea-hobbyist (however you wanna call it) and one certified tea master by the Mainland that I’ve talked to during my time in Hong Kong between 2019-2020.

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