There’s Coffee From Time-To-Time

Hello there! Since June 2020, I’ve been posting photos of teas I drink with my tasting notes and maybe a little story or a few.

But since November 2020, I’ve been having more thoughts about tea alongside a place to house them. So voila! If you’re curious to read beyond my tasting notes; here’s the place to be!

In April 2021, I joined a different website as one of the writers but, I didn’t realise the WordPress reader showed your name until a week into July 2021 😅. It’s a shame since I had intended to remain anonymous so I suppose the cat’s out of the bag.

As you may have guessed, I’m a British-Chinese person who just happens to be drinking, writing and photographing tea. I write in English and Traditional Chinese as many who speak Cantonese in the UK often do.

I hope you have fun reading wherever you are in the world~