Making Room for Tea

Once Upon an Afternoon

Not sure about you guys but working from home can make the work-life balance a bit difficult. 有時我想全日喝茶和看電影,因為我要做工作,所以我會首先將工作做完。然而當我休息時,感到枱是很零亂。This makes things a little cumbersome since I have to move stuff around.

雖然我搬來一張較大飯枱到樓上,我想這會有多些空間,但是更加亂柒捌糟。真遭糕!無論幾大檯面,我都要弄些空位沖茶飲。However, even if there is room, I still need to be in the mood to make the tea too.

因而,我亦都要抽空時間泡茶。在疫症期間,我們在家裹要彈性學習多元化。所以,沒有固定時間表,我喝茶大約在下午,即是下午茶。On any given day, the time can vary greatly such as from 12pm-5pm, 3:30pm-4pm, etc. 如果我有固定時間喝茶,可會改叫別的名稱。

這是我的意見,你的又如何? What are the other ways to call a serving of tea that is prepared specifically in the afternoon? 

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