New Year, New Ventures

What a Cutie~

Coming fresh off the heels of the first year in a new decade, I proudly present the SecretTeaLife website! The idea had been brewing in my mind during the last two months of 2020 and after some quick designs, reading and some organising – it’s now up and going!

Admittedly, I had my own reservations about making this website since the Instagram page I’m using functions quite similarly to a blog. The main reason as somewhat echoed in ‘Q&A’ is that I would like to do more writing since I’m drawn to that particular discipline. It’s also nice to type on a physical keyboard instead of mashing my big thumbs on a small screen with longer pieces.

So what does this mean for SecretTeaLife?

Don’t worry, the blog on Instagram will still continue its weekly (ish) entries on tasting notes for a tea I feel like writing about. What the website brings to the table is to shine light on some of the things that get left out or have come up in the form of questions within myself or others.

To sum up, the website focuses on topics concerning tea via monthly articles. The blog will focus on tea tastings in shorter pieces that fit more in line with a platform that thrives on the visual. But for this month, there will be a double drop on this website!

Have a Happy New Year and catch you later ✌🏼

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